A question to blog or not to blog!

Question everything indeed!!

“To blog or not to blog,” has been my question for some time???

As computer skills are not high on the list of my gifts and talents, and I am much more called to lavish in the song of the creek, call of the ravens and the embrace of the green ones as spring unfolds, i have enlisted Casey Moulton (one of the co-creators of Question Everything) to guide me in the background details of sharing the news of Question Everything, a deck of inquiry, in this online forum.

As I am a self confessed lover of being in the flesh with others, and in smaller and intimate settings, i find the process of blogging and writing into what feels like a vast open space a little daunting.  However, as i answer this call to be in inquiry with you as we meet these incredibly challenging and potently creative movements in the journey of earth and her beings, I am living the “to blog” question and dipping my big toe into the waters.

Listening, feeling and tending the ocean of relational space we share in this moment, as sun streams through the naked trees casting shadows of branching beings across the meadow, I am called into a deeper sense of landing here and finding my sea legs (and seat) as I ride the wave of this creation.  And so as I live the question “to blog or not to blog,” at this moment I am called to blog.  As for tomorrow, i cannot say, and thus these blogs will be in moments when the call arrives. There will be 49 in all, each one tending one of the cards and its question of inquiry.

The questions of Question Everything, a deck of inquiry certainly have a life of their own.  They are timeless, existential, essential and “not for the weak of heart” as one inquirer discovered and shared.

“Going through each one of the cards is not for the weak of heart. It has taken me a few days simply because every time I look at one, I ponder. Some have been happy, some curious, and some have been wells of deep honest and raw emotion.”

As the cards and questions find their way into the world through the great places that are carrying them (see: Where to find Question Everything) the process seems to continue to grow, unfold and evolve. What started as a simple creation to mark a time of inquiry for these young women and I, beginning over ten years ago now, is turning into a process of continuous discovery for all of us, and for everyone whose hands the cards fall into.

 In this blog I want to elaborate the piece in the story of the cards (see: About Question Everything, the story) where reference is made to Joseph Chilton Pearce, and what he names as an “ideal window created by nature” in our early teen years for a “shift of mind into higher consciousness” (or what might be called our “biological need for transcendence”).

At the same time these young people kept landing on my doorstep at the bookstore, Serendipity’s Backyard, Joseph Chilton Pearce’s book, From Magical Child to Magical Teen landed into my hands.  I inhaled the words in a few days, going back again and again to certain passages.

“Our first stage of development gives us our awareness of being physical creatures in physical bodies, and opens for us a wonderful physical world for exploration.”


“Something was supposed to happen but it didn’t.”

This “first stage of development” is the foundation for the “ideal window created by nature” in our teens to expand into a deeper experience and inquiry with and in life.

In simple terms, in our teens this “biological need for transcendence” (Websters definition of says “go beyond limit, surpass something, be independent of world”) requires that we have models of others who have and can experience the expansion of consciousness – and, further that these models are deeply embodied through experiencing the required preparation in the “first stage of development” Joseph speaks of.

Without going too far down the rabbit hole on this one, I realized, that my own window was not opened in it’s “ideal time,” for lack of models and mirrors in my life.  And further that my “first stage of development” was thwarted by a culture that, dare i say, has abhored the body and flesh for millenium.

No blame on parents or teachers, as the culture was moving in more and more objectified ways towards the body and life processes in those times.  Young women were falling into the large vats of potions, exercises and ideas that would serve the “body beautiful” the culture portrayed as a most important aspect of development and future hopes, be they maternal or material in nature. Of course, this continues on today and the embodiment we so deeply require to expand our inquiry of what it means to be human keeps alluding the culture at large.

As I was practicing Yoga at the time, and beginning to experience the slow and creeky opening of the shutters of my windows, these young ones were showing up like bees to an opening flower, answering this yet unnamed longing within them that the store and it’s offer of inquiry, as well as yoga and other classes invited.

The Teen Circles I offered one sunday a month, became a time of shared inquiry through embodied practices, moving dream imagery, writing, painting and exploring the many portals for the imagination to flourish, and support the call of nature’s longing for each of us as flourishing humans. These young ones called me into deeper inquiry and experiences through their questions and interests, and Joseph’s research offered new meaning to the call to create these gatherings for the young ones.

Little did i know at the time I was also creating these gatherings for the “young one” in me, longing to grow up and open the windows delayed through an over orientation to what the culture deemed important.  These young women were the initiators of a deeper call and responsibility for me to show up and tend the larger potential of being human.

When the student is ready, the teachers appear!

One of my mentors, Angeles Arrien (www.angelesarrien.com) said to me many times “whatever is showing up on your doorstep is your work.”

And so as you ride the waves of your life at this time, what is showing up on your doorstep, and further….

How are you answering the call?


May this card serve as a seed of inquiry for you in the coming days. I would love to hear of your experiences.

Living and loving the questions,


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3 Responses to A question to blog or not to blog!

  1. Liz says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere – perhaps a more intimate place than you think. I’m sure many people will be glad to have this kind of connection with you, especially those who loved your famous newsletters! Love & Blessings, Liz

  2. Ashleigh says:

    Hi Penny, thank you for answering the call to write this blog. Such luscious landscapes you paint in my heart field of inquiry.
    With only one post out I am already so grateful and I am curious about what is to come!
    I appreciate being connected with you in this way

  3. Tracey says:

    You are not writing into vast empty space. We are listening to your mission and musings, like we are drinking tea with you in your thinking space. Keep writing! xo

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