What clears the traffic of your thoughts?


Long time……… no write.  Actually not true.  I have been writing, just not here!  Writing is definitely something i do everyday.  Whether it’s writing a dream as I awaken, a letter to a friend, working on a “work in progress,” or more recently updating my website.

Writing clears the traffic of my thoughts.  I write and then look back at what I’ve written.  Some is useful.  Some, well…. was useful in the process of writing…..  that’s all.

I love the feeling of writing.  The movement of the pen across the page.  Yes!! the pen across the page…..  There is something sensuous and deeply satisfying to see words arriving in the wake of the pen, in my own handwriting.   I open the mail first that is addressed in handwriting.  For one thing I know it isn’t a bill!  I love to receive handwritten mail, and read not only the words, but the feeling of my friend Marlow in England having touched the paper that is now in my hands.

Our handwriting is our signature.  It reveals our breath, movement and unique expression.  A lost art as the computer allows us to click out words quickly and the tips of our fingers tap a keyboard instead.  It’s sensual in it’s own way I guess, I just prefer the notebook on my lap (paper notebook!!) and the ink drying in the sun as I sit under the old cedar and look out over the pasture.

This clears the traffic of my thoughts too.  Looking out over the pasture.  Drinking in the lush green after a few days of rain, the horses grazing and the shhhhhhh of the creek in the distance.  A moment of embodied awareness in real time.  This is happening here on this small plot of land on this huge planet called earth and I am here…. and for a brief moment ….. without words!

Here.  How do I know I’m here?  I know in the way we can know as humans – in the weight of my seat, the smell of the autumn air, the taste of fresh mint tea on my tongue, the moist caress of thick dew as my arm brushes the branch and a shower falls into my lap.  I know I am here as I feel the gurgles of morning hunger in my belly and hear the hum of life in 360 degrees of early morning sounds in farmland. Rooster crow behind, cows mooing to the right, creek shushhhhhing to the front and raven to the left.  The senses clear the traffic of my thoughts.

Of course I could go on, but do tell me…..

What clears the traffic of your thoughts??


Alas, in inquiring of you……    a moment of no thoughts as I await your reply!!

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