What deeply touches you?

Selamat Tahun Baru!  or Happy New Years! from Bali.

This year John and I are blessed to be in the magical land of Bali for New Years (16 hours before you on the West Coast of Canada and home for us)

Returning here after a 12 year hiatus, I am deeply touched and moved by the resiliency and richness of this culture and people.  The West has made an impact for sure, however the hearts and sincerity of the people still move me in each meeting I have.

Greetings come with hands in a gesture we might call prayer position or Namaste mudra  –  palms together in front of the chest.  Then, with bright and engaging faces and eyes, and a small bow we greet with our respective “hello’s.”


In the Four Fold Way, Angeles Arrien offers “four rivers” that are used to track ones experience.  In the Teen Circles that were the birthplace of this deck of cards, Question Everything, we used these four rivers in our lives to track experience.

The “River of the Heart” is where we notice the places and experiences where we are deeply touched.

When we think of touch we might initially orient to what we are touching physically. Right now, as an example, the cushion i sit on, the contact of my feet with the tile floor, the touch of fingertips on the keypad of the computer.

Then, we can take this inquiry a little deeper and ask “What is touching me?”  Again, to bring it to the sensation level, can i be touched by the cushion, the floor, the warm humid air, the  clothing I am wearing, the breath that is breathing me?

What do you notice?

The images on this card invokes a deeper inquiry with skin, however we can experience “touch” in so many ways.

I leave you with this inquiry as the New Year arrives,

What deeply touches you?

What deeply touches you?

What deeply touches you?

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